Billet Aluminum Replacement LT Trunk Latch Handle Kit

Having experienced structural failure of the Trunk Latch of a BMW K 1200 LT touring motorcycle, we set out to resolve the problem through superior design, material, and manufacturing. 

 K 1200 LT showing rear view of Top Trunk and not-yet-broken Trunk Latch                                                                                                                          

Globally, there have been many failures of this component.  It appears to be made from a weak and brittle die-cast zinc alloy, often called "pot metal".  The replacement component or repair kit is not available from the manufacturer of the motorcycle.  The new part is available only as part of the lower trunk assembly, costing $890 USD, with tax (parts only, labor not inluded).  And after replacing the entire lower half of the trunk, you will still have a structurally inferior trunk latch!  After spending over $1200 for parts and labor to fix the problem, it is JUST as susceptible to breakage!  Our unit WILL NOT BREAK!  And is much less expensive than the manufacturer's solution! 

Our LT Trunk Latch Repair Kit was thoughtfully designed using Solidworks software. 

  • Machined from SOLID Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, NOT brittle zinc 'pot metal'
  • Furnished with high-grade 18-8 Stainless Steel Screws
  • Much improved design, Designed with Solidworks Software
  • CNC Programmed with Mastercam Level 3 CAM Software
  • CNC Machined with Cincinnati Milacron 4-Axis Machining Center
  • Available with Black Matte Finish to match 1999-2005, or Silver-Gold Matte Finish to match 2005 and later motorcycles
  • Paint finish is 2-part base-coat/clear-coat for a tough, long-lasting finish
  • Also available in Bare Aluminum Finish if you care to apply custom plating/finish
  • Latch Kit is designed so that it can be retrofitted by someone of moderate mechanical aptitude with simple tools
  • Kit is furnished with Detailed Instructions on CD
  • Guaranteed for LIFE!


  • $375 USD, plus insured shipping

Purchasing:  At this time, Paypal is the preferred method of payment. 

If you do not select a Paint Finish/ CLS Option from the drop-down menu below, you will get an ERROR Message after clicking the "Buy Now" button. If your LT has the Central Locking System (electrically locks the luggage compartments with the remote key-chain transmitter), then be sure to select the CLS option in the correct color.   

**** If your LT does NOT have CLS (electrically-locking with the remote key-chain transmitter), then you should select either "Black Matte Finish(Non-CLS)" or   "Silver-Gold Matte Finish(Non-CLS)"

**** If your LT DOES have CLS (electrically-locking with the remote key-chain transmitter), then you should select either "Black Matte Finish(W/CLS)" or   "Silver-Gold Matte Finish(W/CLS)"

Select Paint Finish and CLS Options

Payment by either Cashier's Check or Personal Check is acceptable, but will require that funds entirely clear our financial institution before we will ship your order.


Thank you for your interest in our superior product!



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