Welcome to LTTrunkLatch.com!  We are the global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of products focused on the LT Trunk Latch Handle.


We offer TWO products for your LT:

1)  Your Trunk Latch Handle HAS NOT BROKEN YET:   LT Trunk Latch is PROUD to announce the completion of our newest offering, the [CLICK LINK ---> "Fix It BEFORE It Breaks" Kit   <--- CLICK LINK] that prevents breakage of the factory supplied OEM Latch Handle at a very affordable price!  It's cheap insurance and you'll never worry about breaking your Latch Handle again:



2)  Your Trunk Latch Handle IS BROKEN:   Our first and flagship LT aftermarket product is the [CLICK LINK ---> Billet Aluminum Replacement Latch Handle Kit   <--- CLICK LINK] that is vastly superior to the factory supplied OEM Latch Handle and is a cost-effective solution if your Latch Handle is broken:






Contact:  support@LTTrunkLatch.com 

Thank you for your interest in our superior product!



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